Pioneer HDJ-1000 Limited Headphones

Not all headphones are alike, both in looks as well as in performance. Professional DJ’s as well as more discriminating audiophiles would want a pair of headphones that provide excellent quality audio. It is headphones like the Pioneer HDJ-1000 Limited that fits the bill quite nicely.

The Pioneer HDJ-1000 Limited is designed primarily for professional DJ’s who are not only quite critical with audio performance but with style as well. This professional pair of headphones are fully enclosed dynamic stereo headphones with a frequency range of 5Hz to 30kHz with an impedance of 36ohms. Its 50mm diameter dome type driver is tuned to deliver more impact in the lower bass frequencies.

The Pioneer HDJ-1000 Limited features an easy fold-away structure design that allows it to be safely and easily stored when not in use. This Limited Edition headphones is available in black or gold. It is set to hit the stores in December of this year and expected to cost around US$209.

Image Source: Pioneer

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