Pioneer Elite X-Z9 Compact Stereo System

Introducing the Pioneer Elite X-Z9 Compact Stereo System, an audio stereo system that you can use for whatever purpose.  This Pioneer audio system can let you play different media files from mp3s, aacs, wma, and even SACD, as well as from various media gadgets from laptops to satellite radios.  All of these can be heard from a pair of Pioneer Elite Speakers.

It is a rarity that we find a product that combines related concepts in a single package, and the Pioneer Elite X-Z9 Compact Stereo System is a perfect example.  This sound system consists of two speakers and a compact control unit with a lively black gloss finish that contains a 40Wpc class-D switching amplifier, an AM/ FM tuner, SACD/ CD player, and more inputs than your usual audio head. 

These inputs include a USB port, a connector for an iPod control cable, a DIN jack to connect a Sirius satellite radio receiver, a mini-USB port for an XM tuner, and even a LAN port that allows the X-Z9 to be fed by a computer or other network source.  The X-Z9 can play a variety of media files like mp3, LPCM, Window’s wma, Apple’s aac, and FLAC.

Meanwhile, the speakers also come with a flawless black gloss to complement the control unit.  Each comes in a 5.1-inch plastic-cone woofer and a concentric 5.1-inch plastic-cone midrange with 1.2-inch metal-dome tweeter.  At first, their sound could not cope with the quality of the main unit.  The treble was not as smooth, but it kept improving with use.

In contrast, the switching circuit has a fair amount of power packed into a small package.  The unit does not get warm to the touch that easily.  The Sound function found on the remote button comes in three different settings:  Vivid, Exciting, and Relaxing.  These settings, however, are not available while playing SACD because popping one of these higher-fidelity CDs can create a much cleaner sound without the help of an outside adjustment.  SACD also seemed to have a lower noise floor, reproducing sounds that come from a truly "black" environment-where any distraction is absent.

Overall, the Pioneer Elite X-Z9 is a very versatile audio system that lets you use just about any type of media and connect it to the system.  You can play it with your iPod, with your computer (whether through USB or analog input), satellite radio, and even a turntable.  It may not become a sound system of choice by professionals, but they are as good as they come.

Image Source: Pioneer USA

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