Pig Speakers for Your iPod

Pig speakers for you iPod

You may have seen a lot of portable speakers for your iPod lately, but you just could not pick the right one that fits your taste.  You probably want something that symbolizes diligence, compassion, and generosity; or you simply want an iPod speaker that looks yummy at first sight.

Consider your dreams solved with this pig-shaped iPod speaker that is available in Japan’s I.D.E.A. online store.  This little ceramic pig does not come with a list of impressive specifications, even the online store simply describes it as "cute" and "fun to watch."  What we do know, however, is that it weighs about 460 grams (or a little over a pound) and has a single speaker located on the pig’s belly.

Attach your portable media player with the pig speaker’s jack connection and enjoy your favorite music as it blares through a pork belly.  We do not know if there is anything cuter than that.

This cute and fun to watch ceramic pig speakers for you iPod is available in Japan for only ¥4,725 (or about $50).  The come in four colors:  black, white, glossy gold, and pearlescent pink.

Image source:  IdeaFrames-Online.jp

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