Pig Buddies USB Hub

We can’t help but find this design cute and witty, but mostly cute.

London-based design studio We Play God flaunted a pig-themed USB hub. It consists of a long Momma Pig that acts as a USB board and little pig USB flash drives that stick to the mother pig’s side looking like small ones are suckling. The designers also came up with a Pig Plug Board, where the mother pig is turned over and it works as an extension board for three-prong electrical plugs.

These design ideas have been around since late 2011 and we have yet to hear from the guys at We Play God. We checked their website and the pages dedicated to the piggy devices were gone, redirected instead back to its homepage.

We hope the pigs would see the light of retail. Perhaps putting up a Kickstarter project would not be a bad idea.

Source: Gizmodiva

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