PicoAir Portable Projector

PicoAir Portable ProjectorWhile projectors may not be that popular among casual gadget users, they can provide certain benefits that other devices cannot. People sharing videos or photos on the smartphone with friends will know that the screen size is a bit limited if you have several friends with you. People end up sharing them one or two persons at a time. It would certainly be helpful if there is a way to share the said contents with a group of people. One handy option is this new PicoAir Projector.

The PicoAir Projector from Celluon is an ultra-portable projector designed for people who are always on the go. It provides mobile users with the means to project mobile content flat wall or surface at 1920x720p resolution at a 16:9 wide screen aspect ratio. It is ultra slim at just half an inch thick and is just the size of your smartphone. It can project a big screen for you at a short distance. Its infinite focus feature makes it versatile, as it does not require manual focus to always keep the projected images crisp and sharp. It connects via WiFi and the wireless convenience makes it an ideal device for the mobile user. Users can also have the option to connect it to other devices via HDMI.

The ultra-quiet fanless operation ensures that using the PicoAir Projector will not affect your viewing pleasure. Its built-in rechargeable battery ensures up to 2.5 hours of operating time per charge, good enough for watching a movie. Consider the PicoAir Portable Projector as your personal pocket theater. This portable projector is available at Celluon for $350.

Image Source: Celluon


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