Photojojo Underwater Digi Cam

For most of us, it does not always require the most advanced digital camera just to get the photos that we need. Any ordinary and convenient digital camera would usually suffice. But when it comes to a trip to the beach or the community pool, an underwater digital camera might be needed. And again, things need not be that complicated once you get to bring the Photojojo Underwater Digi Cam.

The Photojojo Underwater Digi Cam is just like any other underwater or waterproof digital cameras out there. This 1.3MP digital camera can take digital pictures and even video up to 100 feet underwater. It has a 16MB internal memory and an additional MicroSD slot that can accommodate up to 2GB of additional storage.

The camera comes with a 1.4 inch LCD viewfinder, quite a good enough digital camera for most of us ordinary folks. But what makes this Underwater Digi Cam quite interesting to have is that it only costs US$35, cheap enough for users not to consider it as a fragile piece of china when they go to the beach or the pool. It is now available at the Photojojo store if you wish to bring it on your next trip.

Image Source: Photojojo

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