PhotoFast i-FlashDrive

Some issues concerning Apple iDevices is that they need to have accessories that usually only work for them and do not offer support for other devices. That somehow may limit their use. When it comes to flash drives, there might be a few ones that is both compatible with iOS as well as non-iOS devices like the new PhotoFast i-FlashDrive.

The PhotoFast i-FlashDrive is a handy portable storage device that you can directly connect to most popular Apple iDevices like the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. It offers the easiest means to transfer files from one iDevice to another without the use of a PC. It comes with a free app download for file management. The PhotoFast i-FlashDrive is also compatible with Windows and Linux-based devices and can be sued as a standard USB flash drive. It will be available at PhotoFast by July with an expected price range of between US$99 to US$192, depending on storage capacity.

Image Source: PhotoFast

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