Photo Fast AP1000 Wireless Car Audio Adapter

Using a portable media device like an iPod or an iPhone for music listening inside the car has become quite common nowadays. It would even be better of connecting the device to use the car’s audio system for sound would even be quite better. The new Photo Fast AP1000 Wireless Car Audio Adapter.

The Photo Fast AP1000 Wireless Car Audio Adapter is actually a device that allows your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod to connect to your car’s audio system wirelessly. Although it may require some expert installation into your car audio system, it allows your iDevice to connect wirelessly to the car audio system once set up. It connects via WiFi and you can always easily connect and listen to music stored in your iDevice through your car stereo. The Photo Fast AP1000 is available at the Photo Fast site. Although it is currently available only in Japan, it may be expected to cost around US$299, including installation.

Image Source: Photo Fast

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