Phosphor Introduces Wristwatch with E-Ink Display

E-Ink wristwatches has been a buzzword among watch enthusiasts, although they come as very expensive for ordinary folks to buy. If you are looking for a mass-market E-Ink watch, then look no further. Phosphor unveils its newest wristwatch design, the World Time E Ink Digital Watch, which can display to different time zones simultaneously on its electronic paper display.

Ultra-thin at 9.3mm in thickness, the new World Time features a rugged and flexible display that can benefit the users in a variety of ways. For one, the high contrast display makes the time easily read in direct sunlight. And since E-Ink displays do not require backlighting, it reduces the power it needs to maintain a telephone-calling lifestyle.

The World Time from Phosphor is now available on its official website. Costs vary from US$150 to $195, depending on the band style you would like to use.

Source: Engadget

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