PhoneSuit Elite iPhone 4 Battery Case

With the Apple iPhone being popular, many accessories usually are made in different forms for it. For those who wish an external battery accessory for their iPhone, their choices are usually limited to the bulky and outsized types. It is a good thing that the PhoneSuit Elite iPhone 4 Battery Case is not.

The PhoneSuit Elite Case for the iPhone 4 is probably the thinnest casing out there that offers additional battery power for your iPhone 4. it is only 17mm thick and yet it also features a built-in rechargeable battery that can double the battery life of your iPhone 4. It is also quick charging, which takes only two hours to become fully charged. The PhoneSuit Elite iPhone 4 Battery Case is currently available for pre-order at the PhoneSuit website for US$80. It is expected to be available I the market by June 20.

Image Source: PhoneSuit

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