Phone Companies React when Apple Dragged Them Under the Bus

As expected, smartphone manufacturers are beginning to air their side after Steve Jobs said that every other phone has a problem in its signal reception when held in a certain way. First to react was Nokia, saying–in a way–that they have toiled blood, sweat, and tears to perfect their antenna design over the years, even saying they would prioritize it over the phone’s physical design if need be (clearly a swipe on the Steve). They do admit, however, that giving Nokia phones a “tight grip” could mess the performance, although they have researched with great lengths to achieve optimum antenna performance, like trying to hold them with either hand or having the antenna at the top or bottom part of the phone.

Meanwhile, the makers of BlackBerry did a much angrier approach as co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie stated that they do not accept how “Apple’s self-made debacle” is being covered at the expense of RIM. They add that Apple’s claims are “deliberate attempts to distort the public understanding” of the issue. Their end their statement with a jibe that BlackBerry smartphones do not need special cases to avoid dropped calls.

And just now, Samsung has issued their own reaction about the Apple’s perspective of the Antennagate. Using much polite words, the smartphone manufacturer from South Korea says the antenna of their Omnia 2 phone (pictured) keeps distance from the user’s hand. Samsung also add that reception problems have never happened–so far–and hopes such problems will not happen in the future.

No matter how it is delivered, the message is clear: Deal with your own problems, Apple. Don’t drag us into your demise.

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