Phillips GoGear SA2825

Phillips GoGear MP3 Player

With a lot of mp3 gadgets out there, the choices mount as to what new gadgets out there should be considered for one’s use. And one of them is the Phillips GoGear SA2825. Typical of today’s portable audio players, the Phillips GoGear is crammed with features inside a small body that measures 1.5 inches square and a mere 0.5 inch thick. But there is more from this tiny little gadget than meets the eye.

The Phillips GoGear SA2825 is not only an mp3 player, it is also a portable FM radio and voice recorder in one. Its 2 GB storage capacity allows hundreds of mp3 music files to be stored in this tiny but stylish gadget. The GoGear SA2825 also has a semi-transparent chrome face that hides a monochrome display also works as the gadget’s navigation control menu.

The top and bottom edges of this square shaped mp3 player allows users to scroll through music lists or find FM radio frequencies to listen to. Left and right buttons on the edges allow users to skip through songs or go to other menu features of the player. The player’s equalizer function allows users to favor a more personalized sound to the music that they are listening to. Battery life of this small and portable player allows for about 20 hours of continuous playing, quite long enough to enjoy music the whole day through.

Image Source:Phillips USA

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