Phillips DECT Digital Baby Monitor

Phillips DECT Digital Baby Monitor

Taking care of the baby is not the same anymore. With more and more people working form home, looking after the baby has just become part of the workday. And since some parents have to work while at home and may not need multi-task a lot more, looking after the baby may require some help. And in the gadgets department, there might be one that work at home parents may love to have.

For busy work at home parents trying to work while taking care of the baby, the Phillips DECT Digital Baby Monitor might just become quite a handy gadget to have around. This wonderful baby monitor can help parent always have an eye (or an ear) over their baby even while they are somewhere else inside the home. This gadget has a number of features.

The Phillips DECT Digital Baby Monitor allows two way communications between the baby unit and the parent unit. It will allow babies to be reassured by the voice of a mom or a dad even though they might be separated by a room. The baby monitor also allows for static free listening and is effective within a 900 foot radius. This might be quite enough for any standard home. The static free reception is made possible by the use of the DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) standard that is usually used in digital phones to enable zero signal interference. This is the first baby monitor to ever use it.

The Phillips DECT Digital Baby Monitor also features temperature readout as well as an alarm. It also allows for remote operation that will help activate the other features of the baby monitor from a distance, including playing lullabies or switching on a nightlight. The alarm on the baby monitor can be triggered by the baby’s scream to alert parents in case they fail to hear the cries while doing something else. With such convenient features, the Phillips DECT Digital Baby Monitor really can be quite an interesting gadget for parents old and new.

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