Philips Xenium X530 Phone

Philips Xenium

The Philips Xenium X530 is a recent flip top phone to come out in the Xenium phone series. The difference now is that this is the first mobile phone associated with the said brand after its mobile phone division was bought by a certain Chinese company. But despite the changes, it is still an attractive mobile phone worth a second look.

The main attraction for this Philips Xenium is, initially, by how it looks. An attractive design makes the Xenium X530 worth considering. This, along with its long lasting battery life that is now associated with the Philips Xenium phone series. This mobile phone can last up to 850 hours of stand by time and 8 hours worth of talk time.

The Philips Xenium X530 also features a one-inch OLED display on the outside along with its 2.2 inch OLED screen when flipped open. This mobile phone also has a 2 mega pixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, FM radio and music player. The Xenium X530 is quite a basic phone to have, but also worth a look by its sleek design and long battery life.

Image Source: Philips

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