Philips Ultra Widescreen LCD TV

Philips ultra widescreen

The new Ultra Widescreen LCD TV from Philips is one of the best TV of its kind as it possesses a 21:9 aspect ratio in comparison to other LCD TVs in the market.

For those who go gaga over home entertainment devices, the Philips Ultra Widescreen LCD TV may just fit your entertainment needs. The good thing about this home entertainment gadget is the fact that it has a 21:9 aspect ratio.

What we love best about this one is that it has a coolness factor that equates the aspect ratio the same as that of those widescreens you see on cinemas. Talk about guaranteeing all your dreams on having the best of home entertainment.

The Philips Ultra Widescreen LCD TV can be mounted on walls and has a 56-inch dimension. Additionally, it has a feature called Ambilight. It is a setup feature with which you can adjust the light in accordance to your mood. Truth be told, that’s one thing that we truly love about this entertainment gizmo.

Another thing that we really like about the Philips Ultra Widescreen LCD TV is that it is unlike any other LCD TVs out there. With a 2.39:1 format, it can fill the screen with the whole image of the movie. While the other TVs that fall under the 16:9 ratio tend to distort the whole image, producing less than better image as a result.

Moreover, if you are a fan of gaming consoles and such, here’s the good news for you. This LCD TV can be fitted with such consoles, giving you the ultimate gaming experience of playing video games on a 21:9 LCD TV. Call that cooler than cool.

The availability of this product will be expected on the spring of 2009. Though there is no announcement yet made of its price and specifications, it is best to expect that it will fall on a high-end side. Despite all these, it will surely be worth the wait.

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