Philips SHL9300 Headband Headphones

People are becoming fonder of always having their portable media players wherever they go. In order to enjoy it, they also need to bring along their favorite headphones. But not all headphones are usually designed for mobility and comfort. The new Philips SHL9300 Headband Headphones aims to make some exception.

The new Philips SHL9300 is a lightweight and foldable headphones designed for people who listen to music while on the move. They are easy to carry along and even conveniently stored when not in use. When it comes to audio performance, the Philips SHL9300 also aims to please.

These new headband headphones from Philips feature two large 40mm neodymium driver to provide the detailed sound without the distortion. It also features a FloatingCushions design which allows full multi-directional adjustment of the ear cushions for added comfort and optimum stability. Probably the only disadvantage of this headphone is that it is still of the wired variety. It comes with a 1.2 meter long wire that can be connected to a device via a standard 24k gold plated earphone jack. The Philips SHL9300 Headband Headphones may be on its way to the US market although no word has yet been provided in terms of the date. Pricing for the headphones is not known as well.

Image Source: Philips

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