Philips Quantum Dot Monitor Arrives In The US This Summer

Philips Quantum Dot MonitorLED TV’s and monitors have somewhat become the standard that replaced the CRT technology used in older TV’s and monitors. LED technology has been the norm for many years now and new and better technology may be set to take its place sooner or later. One of the candidates is Quantum Dot Technology. Electronic appliance maker Philips has taken that first step into making it available in the US announcing the availability of its new Phillips 276E6ADS Quantum Dot Monitor.

Philips recently announced that it will be introducing the Phillips 276E6ADS in the US. It is said to be the world’s first quantum dot monitor. Quantum Dot Technology makes use of semiconductor material that enables electrons to move only in three directions, along the x,y and z axis. What this means is that the technology enables the production of monitors that produces a more stable and uniform image. To put it in a better perspective, Quantum Dot Technology allows monitors and future televisions to have better color accuracy and detail even if you go for a larger display. This is better than current LED technology which suffers from image quality disparity for displays as they grow larger. This is the reason why image quality on a 40-inch LED TV seems better in terms of color and smoothness compared to a 60-inch LED TV. This may no longer be a problem with monitors and TV sets using Quantum Dot Technology.

The Philips Quantum Dot Monitor comes with a 27-inch screen and features Full HD resolution. This new monitor will also feature the Philips Color QS Vision IQ to optimize color quality in vivid detail and more realistic images. The new Phillips 276E6ADS monitor is expected to be available in the US as well as in Europe later this summer. Pricing details has yet to be announced.
Image Source: Extreme Tech

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