Philips Jamie Oliver HomeCooker

When it comes to cooking, people see it either as a hobby or as a chore. But however you may look at it, enjoyment always comes in the eating. That is a given. That is why cooking it right is always important whether one does it for the enjoyment of the process or only for the eating part of it. And doing it right sometimes require the need of some tools that help cooking become even more convenient. It is those new gadgets like the Jamie Oliver HomeCooker from Philips.

The Philips Jamie Oliver HomeCooker is a new but useful device to have around the kitchen. As you may well notice in your kitchen, or anybody else’s for that matter, you have several appliances that you use to prepare your meals daily. You cook using a variety of utensils and food processors to help you out. They make your cooking preparations quite convenient than ever. The task of the new Jamie Oliver HomeCooker is just about the same, but better.

What the Philips Jamie Oliver HomeCooker offers is an all-in-one solution to many of the tasks that you do around the kitchen. The Philips HomeCooker is the same as having a second pair of hands to help you around with the cooking. That is because this device can help you with a number of tasks. Its cutting tower can help you with the cutting and slicing, shredding tasks as well as cutting julienne. You can also use it as a stand-alone salad maker.

Aside from the slicing and cutting tasks, you can also use the HomeCooker to fry, boil, steam, stir, sauté food for you, with its different accessories. You can even do it without any supervision as it can be set to the exact temperature as well as can be timed for up to 99 minutes, down to the exact second. The Philips HomeCooker is available at Philips and selected retailers for a suggested price of US$530.

Image Source: Philips

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