Philips GoGear Connect Android MP4 Player

Philips may not be the foremost name in portable music players, but it continues to try and make a name for itself in this market. Its recent release may be something that would attract some interest. Philips is launching the GoGear Connect Android MP4 Player.

The Philips GoGear Connect may be the first MP4 player in the market that offers the full Android experience enjoying the full range of android apps, multi-tasking as well as other related features. The Philips GoGear Connect features include Wi-Fi connectivity, Philips FullSound Technology and Surround for Movies, a built-in camera, sound isolation earphones and a MicroSD card slot. The Philips GoGear Connect will be made available sometime in October of this year and is set to cost around 249 Euros for the 16GB version.

Image Source: Philips

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