Philips EnduraLED Light Bulb

Saving up on energy bills in the home seem to be based on lighting. Most homes today have become more energy efficient by using light bulbs that can provide the same amount of brightness for less power. This is the same reason why new lighting solutions like the Philips EnduraLED bulb is being designed.

The new Philips EnduraLEd bulb s primarily designed to become a suitable replacement for the older incandescent bulbs. The Philips EnduraLED gives off a soft, white light at 806 lumens and a color index of 2700 Kelvin. It provides the same light as that of a 60 watt incandescent bulb while using only 12 watts of power. It can translate into 80 percent energy savings. The new innovative Philips bulb has a rated life of 25,000 hours, 25 times longer than its older incandescent predecessor. The new Philips EnduraLED is set to be available at Home Depot by early December and may cost around US$40 to US$50.

Image Source: Philips

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