Philips Eco TV

Philips eco tv

Green is definitely in and the latest company that jumped into the trend is Philips with its Eco TV. Technically, its name is the Phillips 42PFL5603D. Barring the tongue twister of an official name, it was adjudged as one of the best products in the recent 2008 Cosumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas.

First, the basics. The Philips Eco TV is a flat-panel LCD with a whopping 42 inches on 1080p resolution. It does away with the usual box design and instead has smooth rounded curves. It also has a four HDMI input and its energy star rating proves that its green hype is more than just a come on.

Now, on to the meat of the review. It contains sensors that detect the amount of light in the room, letting the TV automatically dim up to 80% in darker rooms, optimizing energy consumption. It also reduces the brightness of the backlight of up to five times peak brightness in darker scenes. The user could also customize the peak brightness. Best of all, the settings could either be turned off or on depending on preferences.

The Philips Eco TV would use as little as 75 watts, currently the lowest available, with a standby power of less than 0.15 watt. Other than that, it boasts itself of being lead-free and having minimal mercury content, plus the box is made out of recycled materials. Despite being souped up features wise, it is still easy to get around controlling the set.

A criticism aimed at the Eco TV is that the company’s patented Ambilight technology is not present. It also lacks the 120Hz technology found in earlier releases. Some opine that there is nothing groundbreaking with the new features. Rather, it was just an improvement on image quality technology more than anything else.

All in all, the Philips Eco TV’s overall appeal is made for everyone, not just for the environmentalists.

Image Source: Philips

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