Philips DirectLife Fitness Monitor

Philips DirectLife activity monitor

Philips introduces its newest gadget:  a fitness monitor that can do more than just checking your activities.  And unlike the Fitbit activity monitor, DirectLife monitor comes with its own online personal coaches (for a monthly fee of US$12.50) to help, inspire, and assist your fitness needs.  They also monitor your weekly targets and long-term fitness goals.

The DirectLife works by inputting your age, gender, height, and weight.  These information are then converted to the calories you burn in each activity from jogging, biking, washing dishes, and even swimming (yes, it is waterproof).  This monitor is worn around with a lanyard and has indicator lights that show the amount of activity you need to achieve, which are then monitored with the help of a detachable USB plug that you attach to your computer. 

The Philips DirectLife is available for US$99, but if you order it this month it costs $79 plus a four-month membership for free.

Image source:  Philips

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