Philips DCD778 Docking Station

Philips DCD778

If you are looking into giving your home that high tech look, especially in areas where others do not even bother, here is one gadget that might just fit the bill. Philips DCD778 docking entertainment system is the first under cabinet entertainment system with its own video screen.

Now it might not look much for you that the Philips DCD 778 is just an ordinary entertainment system. But it actually is unique in the sense that it is designed for use in areas in the home where a large entertainment system does not belong. Areas in mind include the kitchen, the bathroom and even the laundry room. Limited spaces in these areas make it quite impossible.

But here is the Philips DCD778 to help resolve things. It can be easily attached as an under cabinet fixture so as not to occupy too much space. But its features allow you to enjoy TV viewing, listening to the radio or even watching DVD movies from where you are. The system includes an 8.5 inch LCD screen, dual speakers, a DVD player as well as a docking station for your iPod.

Image Source: Philips

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