Philips Bodygroom Shaver Charger

Philips Introduces The Bodygroom

Philips promotes its unique Bodygroom as a shaver to get rid of all the hair below the neck – perfect for the slightly grizzly male. For all unwanted hair on your chest, back, arms, pits, stomach, legs, crotch and even on your butt crevasse, the Philips Bodygroom can reach it and get rid of it.


The Bodygroom has a high-performance beard trimmer which gives you quick, easy results, even with thick hair. Plus, it has 5 built-in length settings. Choose the length you want, anywhere between 3-11 mm or .1 to .4 inch.

You can easily switch trimming combs when shaving different areas of the body. The extra-sensitive trimming comb is for comfortable hair trimming in the groin and underarm area. The fast extra-large trimming comb is for large areas such as the chest legs back and shoulders.

The hypoallergenic foil protects against nicks and cuts.

The shave guard allows you to get close enough to get a clean shave, but far away enough to prevent injuries. As with other shavers, electric or otherwise, there is itching afterwards. But it’s probably the most painless shave you could ever get, especially in those, uhh, hard to reach places.


Rechargeable 8-hour charge for up to 50 minutes of cordless use

Charging time 8 hour(s)

Operating time 50 minute(s)


The Bodygroom has its own charge stand which doubles for storage.

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