Philips Airfryer

Eating healthy may mean staying away from oil fried foods. But for those that just can help but savor fried foods most of the time, there are certain alternatives available. One of them would be using the new Philips Airfryer.

The Philips Airfryer is an innovative kitchen device recently introduced by Philips that may help those who crave for fried foods without having to feel guilty about eating them. The Philips Airfryer uses a patented Rapid Air Technology by circulating hot air onto a grill component to cook food.

This innovative fryer can be used to cook food using little or even no oil. You may now be able to serve fried meals using 80 percent less fat. The Philips Airfryer has just been recently revealed at the IFA exhibit in Berlin, Germany. No word yet on when it is set to hit the retail shelves.

Image Source: Philips

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