Pet Treat Launcher

Pet Treat LauncherPet dogs can be fun to be with. They tend to be faithful and loyal to their master. In the same way dog owners should try to return the favor by being good to them. Playful dogs always love to have fun. You can always help your pet dog enjoy some playful fun by having this Pet Treat Launcher along every time your daily walk together.

The Pet Treat Launcher is a fun way to give your dog treats for obedience or for just playing a game of fetch. It is a portable hand launcher that uses doggie treats to launch into the air. Just load the Pet Treat Launcher with the doggie treats, pull the switch and then pull the trigger. A treat will launch into the air that your pet dog will be eagerly awaiting to catch. You can help give your pet dog a worthy exercise as you try to make him or her run as you launch a treat from the Pet Treat Launcher. If you have a pet cat, then kitty treats may also be used. But you can only have fun with cats using this device if they are really in the mood to do so or if they are really, really hungry. Dogs, in contrast, are always ready to have some fun with the Pet Treat Launcher. This unique pet contraption is available at Perpetualkid for $10.

Image Source: Perpetualkid

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