Penthouse Cellphone Watch

Unique gadgets really do capture one’s attention quickly. How about this nifty Penthouse Cellphone Watch that acts both as a capable mobile phone and digital watch in one? Surely it is something worth seeing.

The Penthouse Cellphone Watch is a concept that is not that entirely new. There is, of course, other previous devices that were put out but didn’t seem to get that much attention. But the technology then is different from now. Maybe this time, the features of the Penthouse Cellphone Watch may just have more appeal.

Some features of this mobile phone watch can be truly unique. It might even be considered as the world’s smallest cellphone at this time due to its small size. It contains a 1.5 inch touchscreen, Quad band support, dual SIM feature, and a detachable face that can easily make this wearable wristwatch phone into a mini-cellphone. It also holds a 1GB microSD card for added storage as well as other cellphone features like a digital camera, Fm radio, video and audio player and recorder and many more. The Penthouse Cellphone Watch is available at Chinavasion US$113.

Image Source: Chinavasion

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