Pentel airpenPocket Digital Pen

If you think that a pen may not change by the way they function, think again. Current technology has provided the common pen with new possible innovations that will make it go at pace with today’s devices. One case in point is Pentel’s new airpenPocket Digital Pen.

The new Pentel airpenPocket Digital Pen consists of a digital pen receiver and a memory unit, which is an improved design of its predecessor, the airpenMini. The new airpenPocket allows users to create a digital copy of their handwriting in real time. The digital pen transmits signals to the memory unit as it is being used on paper. The units Bluetooth capability allows wireless transfer of the characters or images into either a PC, smartphone and other similar devices via Bluetooth. This new capability will further expand the use of the airpenPocket. The Pentel airpenPocket Digital Pen is expected to be available in the market by February. There’s no word yet on how much this unique digital pen will cost.

Image Source: Pentel

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