Pentax X70

Pentax X70

Pentax, manufacturers of DSLRS, compact digicams and camera accessories, has combined the powers of a digital SLR and the convenience of a compact camera into one small-but-terrible unit: the X70.

The X70 boasts of a 24X optical zoom – or 26-624 mm, that takes superb up-close or wide-range shots. Great for wildlife or sports/action shots.

It has a 12 megapixels which is ideal for capturing large and highly detailed images. It also allows for huge printouts – 11×14 -inch enlargements or more, without losing image quality.

It features the unique Triple Shake Reduction Technology which reduces – obviously – shake and blurring:

  • Mechanical Shake Reduction via a CCD shift mechanism
  • Digital Shake Reduction via a high ISO
  • Movie Shake Reduction clear and focused video capture

An 11 FPS high-speed continuous shooting allows you to capture super-fast movements that make for amazing action shots.

The Fast Face Detection feature automatically recognizes up to 32 faces in .03 seconds. Group shots and portraits come out focused and well-lit, despite less-than-ideal lighting.

Its Super Macro mode feature shows the details in the tiniest of subjects even as close as 1 cm from the lens.

Finally, the X70’s flexible movie capture feature allows for clear HD movie capture in widescreen 720p and full speed 848×480, as well as VGA, and QVGA resolutions.

Pentax X70 digital SLR will be available in April for $399.95 USD.

Image source: Pentax

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