Pentax Optio S10 Digital Camera

Pentax Optio S10 Digital Camera

The Pentax Optio S10 is a slim camera but it won’t be as slim as the previous Optio that came before it. However, with the new release, you will be sure to find more than enough things to tickle your fancy if you look harder.

This new release from Pentax is a very stylish and chic camera for the discerning photographer. You have access to so many features such as an optical zoom capability which gives you the 35mm equivalent of having a lens range of 38-114mm. The maximum aperture that you can set in this Pentax is f/2.8 which is a very wide aperture that can give you fast shutter speeds.

There is also a built-in lens cover that you will find for this camera which is a staple for most digicams nowadays. You have different modes which include program auto, portrait and kids mode.

The most defining feature of the camera are the different focus modes that come along with it which includes a "super macro" mode. This will be a very good addition to your gadget basket especially if you’re a novice at cameras.

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