Pen Sized Scanner

One of the more common yet interesting peripheral that most people use today is the scanner. From the first time it every came out, the scanner has evolved so much as a device. From the tabletop version to the handheld device, the scanner has truly gone through so much. Even now, when people have grown accustomed to the journey of today’s scanner, here is the Pen Sized Scanner that shows even small gadgets can come with great features.

The Pen Sized Scanner is a handy portable scanner able to scan documents that do not always require a larger than life scans of documents. It makes use of a laser in order to scan a signature or small documents one at a time. It is a ballpoint pen equipped with a high precision auto focus lens and a 5MP sensor to capture documents for scanning. When pushing the button midway, a laser emits light that frames the area of the document to be scanned. Another press and the area is captured in jpeg format and stored inside the pen’s 1GB internal memory. It comes with a USB plug used to transfer the scanned files into a computer. It can scan up to 300 images for an hour’s charge. The Pen sized Scanner is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$125.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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