Pegasus 210 Ultraportable Laptop

pegasus 210 ultraportable laptop

The Rock Group has unveiled a new laptop called the Pegasus 210. This 12-inch ultraportable is designed to meet the demands of business professionals. It boasts of a 6- to 8-hour battery life as well as a strengthened magnesium alloy, making it survivable after a few bumps.

Its super-slim and sleek design includes Wi-Fi, Blutooth, and an optional 3G connectivity making it Net accessible even while traveling. This laptop even contains security features such as TPM and biometric fingerprint access technology that keep sensitive data fully protected from hackers.

This does not go without a glitch, though, since it sacrificed its multimedia and gaming features in the name of business. We’re not saying they don’t have it, it just runs miserably. Overall, the Pegasus 210 goes well with its target market who cannot afford a ThinkPad.

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