PeeWee Pivot 2.0 Kid's Tablet Laptop

Even kids nowadays consider laptops and tablets as ordinary devices that they can use. But the traditional ones may not be designed for use in the hands of a child. Kids, with all their clumsiness and innocent disregard for care, may require their own tablet laptop such as the PeeWee Pivot 2.0.

The PeeWee Pivot 2.0 is a tablet laptop specifically designed for kids. It is designed with a rotating touchscreen display that makes it into a convertible tablet laptop. It runs on an Intel Atom N450 1.66GHz processor and features a 160 GB PATA HDD, 1GB RAM, integrated 180 degree rotating camera as well as WiFi and Bluetooth support. It becomes quite kid friendly with a durable drop and spill resistant body construction as well as features 15 educational games and 2 security suites for protection. The PeeWee Pivot 2.0 Tablet Laptop is available at PeeWee PC for US$549.

Image Source: PeeWee PC

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