PEDDY Smart Pet Companion Robot

Many pet owners can become too attached with their pets. They are always concerned about their pet’s welfare whenever they are out for an extended period of time. The same can sometimes be true the other way around. In order to avoid having such feelings of longing between the pet and the pet owner, the PEDDY Smart Pet Companion Robot can offer the means to keep that connection all the time.

The PEDDY Smart Pet Companion Robot is designed for pet owners to provide their pets with a companion while they are away. The robot serves to prevent your pets from sinking into boredom. It comes with a variety of pre-recorded pet entertainment such as music and videos. It also comes with two-way communication that allows users to see and talk with their pets. This is made possible from an app on their smartphone or tablet. Contact with pets is assured even while they are at the office, on a trip or somewhere else. This ensures that both pet and master have a way to see and hear each other.

Not only that, the PEDDY Smart Pet Companion Robot also comes with a built-in food tray which can feed pets during their scheduled meal times. Pet owners can also manually to the tasks whenever they think their pet needs a reward treat. This unique pet robot can also serve as a home guardian. It comes with ultrasonic sensors that can detect both sound and movement. Once the robot senses some strange activity aside from that of the pet, it sends out an alert notification and then records the activities and takes pictures that it then sends out to the homeowner for verification via the app.

The PEDDY Smart Pet Companion Robot is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Interested pet owners can pre-order this pet robot for around $279. It is expected to be available sometime in May of next year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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