Pedal Brain iPhone Kit

Pedal Brain iPhone Kit

While other iPhone contraptions are meant to strap the smartphone into anything with handlebars, Pedal Brain takes it a little bit further.  This iPhone application and accessory kit caters to cyclists that features an ANT+ wireless protocol that relays all vital information from the bike, then processes and analyzes the data received before creating customized training plans.

All of the performance data can also be uploaded on the web where it can be seen by coaches, teammates, and friends, as long as they are allowed by the user.  Once the cyclist begins his training, he simply downloads the training program to the iPhone (or iPod Touch) and straps it onto the handles with the cradle attachment.

Here is the rub, though.  The training program does not come free and the kit is expected to be sold for at least US$130.  The manufacturer claims they are working on the finishing touches before its formal launch.

Image source:  Pedal Brain

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