Pebble Ministick Charger

Pebble MinistickGadgets today do not seem to have enough power that most users expect. Most gadgets you need to recharge on a daily basis. It just so happens that some people forget to do this simple task and end up with drained gadgets while on the go. It pays to have an emergency recharger like the Pebble Ministick to help you out during these times.

The Pebble Ministick Charger is a handy power bank that will enable you to have some emergency power to recharge your devices when needed. It comes with a 1,800 mAh battery capable of recharging your smartphone up to 100 percent. You need not worry about running out of juice ever again. It is small enough to place into your pocket or bag. Four LED lights on the Pebble Ministick Charger functions as power indicators, telling the user how much juice there is left before it needs a recharge. The Pebble Ministick also comes with a handy loop for conveniently attaching it to key chains and bags. It is available at the Veho site for $35.

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