PDA Buying Guide

Personal digital assistants or PDA’s help people bring computing power with them while on the go. It offers users the means to gain access to data and information even while going mobile. There are now several types of PDA’s available that cater to the different needs of highly mobile professionals.

Operating system

One of the first things that users should look for in PDA’s is the operating system that they use. Currently, there are several of them available that PDA’s use. There is the Palm, Symbian, Pocket PC and the Linux units. The type being used would depend on which one is commonly used in your area or which one offers the most number of available software in the market.


When buying a new PDA, you should always bear in mind that technology is always rapidly advancing. It will be easy for the PDA that you buy today to become outdated in a matter of months. One other thing to realize is that PDA’s are not stand alone devices.

They usually require access to another information source or device such as a personal computer where they can synchronize with to back up data and have access to the Internet.

The type of PDA that you buy should also be determined by your own needs. This would help you size up the features of Each PDA on the market and then compare them with the features that you require to get the best product available.


You should consider the memory. This is important in choosing a new PDA since they will define how much information you will be able to store into the device.

If you wish to store more and more information or data in your PDA, then you should consider looking for PDA’s having the most memory available or those that provide expansion slots to add memory later on.

Looking for a PDA with a large built-in memory would also be considered if you wish to download newer software applications on your PDA later on. Such applications may require the use of built-in PDA memory. Some of them might not work well when stored on add-on memory cards.

Wifi features

Another thing to consider when buying a new PDA is its Wifi features. The availability of Wifi hotspots is steadily increasing that allows people to gain access online through PDA having Wifi connectivity features. This will allow you to surf the Internet, read and send emails, as well as send instant messages to colleagues online through your PDA.

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