Payware Mobile Payment Device Now Accepts Reservation

Payware mobile payment

The mobile payment craze is set to sweep the United States by next year as more services become available to consumers.  After Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey introduced the Square add-on for iPhones, another company is set to stir the pot of competition.

The Payware Mobile from VeriFone is a mobile payment peripheral that acts like an iPhone case protector, except it has its own credit card reader.  It works by logging into the Payware app, have the customer swipe his credit card on the reader, and write the signature over at the iPhone’s touchscreen display using a stylus. 

Payware assures its customers that all data are encrypted as the credit card is swiped, preventing it from appearing inside your iPhone.  The use of a card reader, according to website, could save you over 30% in transaction fees.

The service will be available free on January 15, 2010, but with a two-year Payware Connect contract.  The official website now accepts reservations.

Image source:  Payware

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