Patterned Paint Roller

Decorating a home can make you face a number of challenges. One of them is the challenge of putting wall paper around the home. It can really be a labor intensive task of putting up wall paper or even removing and then replacing them. For those who might be looking for a more convenient approach, using this Patterned Paint Roller might help.

The Patterned Paint Roller is a device that can help paint your wall with intricate patterns to make it look like wall paper. It comprises of a specialized roller with various design patterns and a wall and paper applicator. Together, the Patterned Paint Roller can help give any wall that unique pattern design to make it look like a wall paper. The roller provides the design pattern while the applicator makes sure that the roller gets that dab of paint to make the patterns find its way into the walls. It surely beats having to deal with putting up those wall papers all over the walls. The Patterned Paint Roller is available at Etsy from US$17 to US$33, depending on the design pattern. The wall applicator costs US$17.

Image Source: Etsy

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