PassBan Puts Access Authentication to Your Wrist

While Google is looking for ways of developing a master key to access all our devices, a mobile security startup is already offering such.

At a developer event in San Francisco, PassBan has shown off a wristband that has the ability to unlock your smartphone or tablet by making simple gestures in the air–whether shaking your wrist, tapping on the wristband, or just putting it in proximity to your gadget. Your user registration and your device’s Bluetooth connection helps in the unlocking process. The company also introduces tools that let third-party developers to incorporate PassBan’s technology into their apps.

PassBan’s cofounder and CEO Kayvan Alikhani says the wristband will be available in a “couple of weeks” for less than $20.

This yet-unnamed wristband comes after PassBan introduced in February the Passboard, a free Android app that allows you to secure your smartphone’s apps through a variety of verification techniques. These options include your voice, face, location, or a specific gesture. Passboard was initially available in private beta, but it will be open to the public beginning this weekend.

The app works by intercepting the launch of any app the user has secured it with. Once the user has secured a social media app, for instance, tapping its icon prompts a PassBoard popup that commands you to verify your identity with any selected method.

Alikhani says it is possible for someone who has stolen both your wristband and mobile device to gain access, assuming they know your signature gesture. He suggest making trickier methods such as incorporating a wristband gesture and another factor, such as choosing a sequence of colors.

Source: Mashable

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