Parrot SK 4000 Bluetooth Hands Free Motorcycle Kit

parrot sk 4000, a bluetooth-enabled device for motorcycle helmets

Technology has done a lot to make our lives easier. For instance, Bluetooth has, among other things, enabled drivers to take calls from their mobile phones without having to hold the actual unit which could cause vehicular accidents. However, what if you are riding a motorcycle?

That’s where Parrot SK 4000 comes in. It is a Bluetooth headset that is meant for motorcycle helmets that enables you to make and take calls, listen to FM radio or to your favorite digital music all while riding your motorcycle.

The microphone is mounted on a flexible coupling and the headset speakers are positioned inside the helmet, while the RF remote control is mounted on the handlebars. The device automatically links to your Bluetooth-enable cell phone, as well has enables you to plug in your iPod or other music player. Other features include voice recognition, text to speech, USB connection, and a battery life of 10 hours.

The Parrot SK 4000 is a convenient necessity for motorcycle riders, especially in taking important phone calls.

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