The Parrot Pot Waters Your Plants For You

Parrot PotThe idea of a smart home has further extended to just being able to turn lights on and off using your smartphone or tablet. With more useful apps and devices, the smart home of the future just got smarter. Your connected home may even take good care of your houseplants for you in case you neglect them for a long period of time. Devices like the new Parrot Pot will ensure that your plants need not go dry due to your neglect.

The Parrot Pot is a special pot for medium-sized plants in your home that connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth. It comes with a bunch of sensors that monitors the plant’s well-being such as water-content of the soil, the temperature, light levels and even the fertilizer level of the soil through conductivity measurements. The Parrot Pot also comes with a water reservoir that can hold up to 2.2 liters of water. When the Parrot Pot senses that your plant requires watering, it will squirt some water over the top soil. According to Parrot, it can water the plants for you for up to 3 weeks, depending on the plant and the prevailing conditions.

When you connect your mobile device to the Parrot Pot via Bluetooth, you can also monitor the data taken by the sensors of the Parrot Pot via the accompanying app. You can also indicate the type of plant you place on the pot via the app.  It comes with a menu of over 8,000 plant varieties that will provide the right care to your plant to ensure optimum plant health. The Parrot Plant was just introduced by the company at the CES 2015 and is expected to come out sometime this year. There is no news about its pricing for now.

Image Source: Parrot

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