Paraben's Chat Stick

Parents need to check up on their kids when going online. Internet safety has become quite a serious issue nowadays that it is important for the parents to keep track of what their kids are doing online, especially when going into chat rooms where online predators may abound. A good and simple solution would be using Paraben’s Chat Stick.

The Paraben’s Chat Stick is a simple USB device that can grab chat logs stored in your kid’s PC. Chat logs may come in different formats and may only be accessed using a user password and account. What the Chat Stick can do is grab all these chat logs from your kid’s computer and store it. You can then sort through the chat logs when you connect it into your own computer to see what your kids might be doing online.

The Chat Stick also has a feature where it can also grab Internet cache files to see what sites your kids may be visiting. This simple solution can help you keep track of what activities your kids might be doing when going online. It is available at Paraben for US$100.

Image Source: Paraben

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