Paprikum Spice Grinder

Using only the freshest of spices matters a lot to some people. This means usually processing or chopping up the spices right before using them. But for some people this can take work, especially in trying to ground those dried peppers for example. There are many devices today that help make this process easier for some people other than using the usual mortar and pestle. For those who like it stylish, the Paprikum Spice Grinder will do well.

The Paprikum Spice Grinder is more than just your usual spice grinder. It even grinds those spices in a unique way. The Paprikum Spice Grinder comes in a stylish and unique handy metal container that opens up in the middle. Inside, a polished metal ball acts as a grinder. Users place the spices inside the metal container and then add in the polished metal ball before closing. The user then shakes the metal container of the Paprikum vigorously several times. The metal ball inside moves to grind or pulverize the spices with each movement. It effectively grinds up the spices placed inside of it.

Not only that, the Paprikum also doubles as a spice dispenser or shaker. Users can just twist the top end with the small opening and shake to let the newly ground or powdered spice out. The Paprikum Spice Grinder is ideal for people who like to grind their spices fresh before using. It can be used to grind paprika, chili, black pepper cumin and many others. Designed by Peter Toronyi, you can check out and order the Paprikum Spice Grinder right from the designer’s website if you are interested.

Image Source: Peter Toronyi

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