Paperclip Headphones

Paperclips have long been used to keep paper documents together in a set. They provide a convenient way to organize tons of paperwork. It takes a creative mind to see paperclips in a different light. This Paperclip Headphones gives a new twist to this common everyday office item.

The Paperclip Headphones is a unique pair of earphones that comes with a giant rubberized paperclip designed not to hold paper together but earphone wires. This helps prevent the earphone wires from tangling. The giant paperclip can also be attached to a shirt pocket or a bag strap in order to keep the earphone wires in place and prevent them from getting in the way when you do not want them to. A unique yet interesting take on a common office implement, the Paperclip Headphones is available at Taiwanese design studio 25TOGO for 1080 Taiwanese Dollars. That is around US$32.

Image Source: 25TOGO

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