Paper By FiftyThree iPad App

Technology has changed the way people do things. For one thing, it aims to make things convenient and easy to do. Smartphones for example help make communications more convenient and the apps they come with. But it’s funny sometimes when some things are designed for the very purpose of preserving some of the things that technology has since changed. Probably a good example would be this Paper by FiftyThree iPad app.

Paper is a unique iPad app that lets users bring back the experience of writing and sketching on paper, but this time on an iPad display. With the availability of portable gadgets, people now seldom write anything on paper. The Paper iPad app aims to bring this experience back to tablet users. It comes with an expressive ink engine that allows users to experience just how it is to write on paper using a wide range of writing implements. Users can now sketch, draw and hand write note on their iPad using the Paper app which can then be shared instantly and streamed online via Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter. The Paper iPad app is available at the App Store for free download.

Image Source: App Store

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