Pantech's SKY IM-S400L

pantech sky im-s400l

Pantech has just launched its newest mobile handset – the SKY IM-S400L. Available so far only in Korea, this CDMA slider phone is stylish and definitely good looking. It has a keypad that uses Pantech’s "Glide Sensor" technology. This feature allows you to navigate the menu by just touching the keypad, delivering a sensation much like a trackpad rather than a keypad. So using the device should be a joy.

Besides which, the SKY IM-S400L supports some features which make it more appealing. It also comes with a white clamshell design and is also available in green, blue, and pink shades. It is equipped with stuff like a 2.6 inch LCD display, subway map, as well as terrestrial DMB TV turner, and electronic dictionary.

While the SKY IM-S400L has support for external memory, it isn’t known up to what amount of and how much internal memory it has. There’s not much information available about the specs of this handset, and it’s not certain where you can avail this outside Korea. As a good CDMA phone, however, it should work in the United States, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. It is priced at about $395 (â‚©500,000).


Image Source: Pantech

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