Panono Explorer 360 Degree Camera

Panono Explorer Edition 360 Degree Camera

Digital cameras have evolved in recent years. No longer are people relying on compact digital cameras to capture momentous images of their experiences. People extensively use their smartphones nowadays to do that. Not only that, people now even have the option to use action cameras to capture live motion videos that may be difficult to capture previously. That is not considering using drones to capture photos and videos. And these different types of digital cameras are continuing to evolve. There is even now the new Panono Explorer 360 Degree Camera that people can expect once it comes out.

The Panono Explorer 360 Degree Camera is a 108-megapixel camera composed of 36 different camera modules arranged in a ball. It allows users to fire each module simultaneously in a single shot, making it able to capture an image in every direction all at once. The Panono Explorer 360 Degree Camera can be triggered by simply throwing the camera up in the air. It will automatically capture an image once it reaches the apex. The camera can also be triggered using a selfie stick or even a tripod remote control.

The Panono Explorer 360 Degree Camera will be introduced in the upcoming CES 2016 in Las Vegas. There is no word yet on the pricing and availability.

Image Source: Coolest Gadgets

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