PanoClip Camera Attachment Makes 360-Degree Photos With Your iPhone

People now make use of their iPhone not only as a communications device but also a do-it-all gadget. One of the main uses of the smartphone is as a convenient digital camera. More than that, people now have many options when it comes to using their iPhone camera. Attachments like the new PanoClip provide shooting features that regular digital cameras cannot provide.

The PanoClip is an iPhone camera attachment that allows users to take 360-degree images that not many cameras can do. While panoramic shots are already common, taking 360 degree shots are not. But this device can do so, thanks to a dual-lens system built into the PanoClip and where the software then stitches together the combination of images taken from both the front and rear cameras of the iPhone. The results are those “Tiny Planet” shots that can be interesting to share on social media.

The PanoClip attachment may be considered the first of its kind to take 360 degree shots with the use of an iPhone. With the PanoClip app, users also get a full range of colorful filters, and a variety of stickers for some additional creative touch. The PanoClip is available for iPhone users for around $50. An Android version of the attachment is soon to follow.

Image Source: PanoClip

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