Pandora Surface Vibration Resonance Speaker

Most portable speakers are designed and built in a traditional way. And because of this, even different portable speakers may provide almost similar features and audio experience. The same can’t be said with the new and unique Pandora Surface Vibration Resonance Speaker.

The Pandora Surface Vibration Resonance Speaker is a portable speaker designed and built unlike conventional speakers. The technology behind this resonance speaker produces sound by using music vibrations that resonate off any hard surface. The technology allows for sound to travel and fill the surrounding with sound instead of just coming from one direction, making the experience quite unique in some ways. The Pandora Resonance Speaker can produce a wide range of sound effects and moods, depending on what type of surface it uses to produce the sound. The Pandora Surface Vibration Resonance Speaker is now available at Chinavasion for US$36.

Image Source: Chinavasion

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